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How to come up with reproductions for production-only Nuxt crashes?

We're having quite a few Sentry alerts in production due to stuff like manifest errors (similar to https://github.com/nuxt/nuxt/issues/25977) or failed CSS preloading, but we currently can't provide repros as there are way to many modules in the project and these errors are very obscure. What's the approach for debugging them and maybe be able to get a repro?
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manniLβ€’5w ago
you can try the chunkError hook https://github.com/nuxt/nuxt/pull/19038/
feat(nuxt): add experimental app:chunkError hook and reload strat...
πŸ”— Linked issue resolves #14594 ❓ Type of change πŸ“– Documentation (updates to the documentation or readme) 🐞 Bug fix (a non-breaking change that fixes an issue) πŸ‘Œ Enhancement (improving an existi...
DoHnβ€’5w ago
thank you so much! we'll give this a shot