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Support Forum - Guidelines & Instructions
👋🏼 Hey you! Welcome here You may be lost and need a helping hand, but with these five simple steps you make sure that helping you is as easy as possible! 1️⃣ Check the common links! That means the documentation, GitHub and so on. It's no problem if you didn't find something, but at least try to. Start with the information in #readme. 2️⃣ Be polite! We all invest our free time to help you out. 3️⃣ Don't post your question on multiple channels! Find the right one and be patient (if you did, please delete all duplicated message). 4️⃣ Put some effort in it! We expect that you've at least googled the error message or spent some time to achieve your desired goal. Also it's worth checking recent issues at 5️⃣ Add a reproduction! Where applicable (read: almost every time) a reproduction makes it easy for us to reproduce the error and change the code directly. That makes helping/debugging as smooth and fast as possible. Check out to isolate your problem. 🌟 BONUS: Help other people! We all need help sometimes. And every contribution counts, no matter if it's an issue/bug report, fixing a typo in the #📚・documentation or a #🚸・contributing PR
ℹ️ Were you sent here by someone? It may be because there wasn't enough research or context to reproduce the problem. Read through the above message carefully and analyse the problem again.
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