Non-iron chinos?,43307,43323,43385,44146,44255,44896,44967 Are these chinos good? Normally I don't buy anything that labels with non-iron, because most of them are blended with synthetic fabric and are bad looking, but these from Lands end are actually 100% cotton
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jfarrell4685w ago
Non-iron 100% cotton has been treated with a chemical to make it resist wrinkling. I think MFA generally doesn't like it, but it's pretty common. For example, a lot of Brooks Brothers dress shirts are also non-iron 100% cotton. Personally, I think buying non-iron fabric like this is not crazy. Definitely better than blends and synthetics, IMO. Untreated 100% cotton would be my preference, but I don't mind ironing.
max5w ago
I've had decent luck just hang drying my j crew chinos (giant fit fwiw) if i take them out of the dryer right away or a little bit early, that also works