Need New Motherboard for A i7, needs lots of usb ports.

I want to Avoid Asus as im not liking how they are doing things lately and seem like quality has gone down alot with them but i need a good reliable motherboard for a 13 or 14th gen i7, i would like lots of usb ports and would rather not spend a fortune, i do not plan to over clock but i need it for gaming, video and audio editing. the MSI MPG Z790 EDGE looks like a winner anyone have any reason not to get that, its more expensive that i would like but i guess i can bust out the credit card, i know a lot of new boards are cooking processors or some crap according to you tube, i see lots of good reviews on that Mother Board
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HunterAP2mo ago
Personally if you - Do not have any issues with your board - Don't see any reports online of your board frequently having issues Then I would not bother swapping it out. Yeah Asus aren't doing too well in terms of support right now, but if you know what you're doing then you can fix all the issues they cause IE: BIOS settings for Intel overclocking