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Created by HunterAP on 7/9/2023 in #tech-help
Elgato Camlink Pro doesn't work in any browser, just get an image to download Screen Link app
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Created by HunterAP on 4/20/2023 in #tech-help
Create a new forum thread in this channel with your specific tech support question (DO NOT reply to this post - this is just to give you some guidance for your own forum posts) 1. Give a good, concise title about the issue 2. Use the appropriate tags for the thread 3. Give as much detail about your issue as possible. For example, for OBS issues you'll want to provide your hardware specs, video settings, and encoding settings. Remember, more info is better! 4. Do not tag EposVox. He works hard to make resources available for everyone, but that doesn't mean he's technical support. We do not guarantee that you'll get any responses here, nor that responses will come in a timely manner. This a community-driven tech help forum, so people are taking time out of their day to help one another. Treat everyone with common courtesy. If you need help with OBS, you can try their discord server as well:
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Created by HunterAP on 2/13/2023 in #tech-help
Looking for a VPN recommendation
Been using PIA for the past few years but I'm not seeing them recommended anymore (meaning there's better choices out there), but also pretty much every PIA server I connect to is either blocked on sites or breaks sites by having some elements blocked. Did some research and the best four seem to be ExpressVPN, NordVPN, SurfShark (owned by NordVPN), and ProtonVPN Only real requirements I have are: 1. Doesn't break sites like PIA does 2. Works on pretty much all devices 3. Has split tunneling on a per-app basis Was hoping someone could give their recommendations and/or experiences with whatever VPN solution they're using
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