SSD isn't showing in Windows setup

my ssd isnt showing tho it's fully connected. I think it has something to do with Intel Rapid Storage but i cant find it for 14th gen as im using 14600k. Only found 13th gen setup on intels website.. Mobo: Z790 X AX Rev 2.1 SSD: FIRECUDA 520 NVMe *the ssd used to work just fine on my previous system (a laptop)
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Technically Alex
Check the motherboard’s documentation to ensure you’re connecting the SSD in a slot that remains active when other PCIe devices are installed like a GPU. Some motherboards split the PCIe lanes across ports and deactivate them in a specific order when utilized.
HunterAP2mo ago
Which of the 4 M.2 slots is the SSD plugged into
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HunterAP2mo ago
Looking it up on the manual, the only time that your SSD shouldn't be showing up is if you're using SATA ports 2 and 3 while your M.2 NVMe SSD is in slot labelled M2M_SB (the bottom one in the above graph) Does the drive appear in the BIOS?
Vyke2mo ago
Thanks guys, i solved it yesterday by disabling safe boot + VDM + CSM
Technically Alex
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