"Input Not Supported" message on monitor

My PC boots into windows and I used it for some minutes then the monitor blacksout and shows the "Input Not Supported" box. Tried Unplugging the HDMI cable and the issue was still there, restarting too wasn't helpful, this happened 3 times which are the only 3 times i used my PC which is a new build. I'll try to plug DP. FYI I still dont have a dedicated GPU so I'm on the i5 gpu.. Surprisingly I noticed that it happens when I open a new tab in Brave browser.. As for the drivers (my board is Gigabyte X AX rev 2.1) it came with it's own piece of software that installed all the updates and drivers ig...
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MEE62mo ago
GG @Vyke, you just advanced to level 2 !
HunterAP2mo ago
What CPU and board is this? Gigabyte AX is a model that exists across multiple chipset generations