Twitch Enhanced Broadcasting Performance Impact

I've been doing some testing with the enhanced broadcasting beta (open beta/h264) and noticed it significantly impact my game performance compared to just streaming normally. Is this expected? I assumed it would be pretty similar so long as you have available encode sessions. For reference, after a few runs of the MW3 benchmark while testing my FPS average at 1440p is around 222 FPS whereas a normal stream (using NVENC) the average bumps up to about 246 FPS, so a little over a 10% decrease in performance.
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HunterAPβ€’3w ago
Yes, this is expected. Even with H264 the performance impact of individual encode sessions is measureable This is why Addie recommends a second PC for the twitch enhanced broadcasting Previously that was just to reduce perf impact of using OBS in general (since rendering your scenes has a GPU cost), but that's largely been addressed especially with how powerful GPU's have gotten Now the recommendation is because so many encoding sessions will eat up GPU perf For brevity, what are your PC specs? CPU & GPU
AdamFTAβ€’3w ago
7950X3D and a 4090 I do have a 2nd PC I could use for streaming but I don't have a capture card for it anymore