Mod Incompatibility with XaeroPlus

As stated in the title, there is a mod incompatibility between DH 2.1 and XaeroPlus 1.20.1. When these two mods are enabled it crashes a crash sometime during launch with the attached error message. Launching w/o XaeroPlus makes the game launch successfully (though the modpack completely breaks without XaeroPlus) I am running Prominence 2 Classic with FirstPerson, Camera Overhaul, Sound Physics Remastered, and Framed Blocks added on top. I would like to see, primarily, if there is a workaround, and secondarily if it can be added to the known incompatibilities (as it seems I'm not the first person with this issue ).
Crash on startup if Xaero Plus mod is enabled with Distant Horizons...
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Puhpine4w ago
You shouldn't use xaeroplus anyway, it is known to be unstable and cause crashes
Puhpine4w ago
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Priority64w ago
ooh huh alright thanks for lmk lol