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Created by Priority6 on 6/22/2024 in #help-me
Mod Incompatibility with XaeroPlus
As stated in the title, there is a mod incompatibility between DH 2.1 and XaeroPlus 1.20.1. When these two mods are enabled it crashes a crash sometime during launch with the attached error message. Launching w/o XaeroPlus makes the game launch successfully (though the modpack completely breaks without XaeroPlus) I am running Prominence 2 Classic with FirstPerson, Camera Overhaul, Sound Physics Remastered, and Framed Blocks added on top. I would like to see, primarily, if there is a workaround, and secondarily if it can be added to the known incompatibilities (as it seems I'm not the first person with this issue ).
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