Created by neitsab on 7/3/2024 in #🆘┃support
Keymap isn't preserved after install preventing input of LUKS passphrase on non-English keyboards
Hi, Yesterday I tried my first install using the latest 4636db55 version. I'm using a French azerty keyboard, which I had to change in GNOME settings just to be able to connect to wifi. Then I went on with the install and selected automated partitioning with LUKS for encryption. I input my passphrase using accented characters, made sure it was alright and rebooted at the end. But upon reboot my passphrase wasn't recognized, locking me out. After rebooting on the live system, unlocking the LUKS container and chrooting in it, I found there was no /etc/vconsole.conf (which would be required for mkinitcpio to configure the right keymap). After creating the file with the necessary KEYMAP=fr-latin9 and regenerating the initramfs, on reboot I input my passphrase correctly and login. Then I was asked to create a user, again used a passphrase with accented characters, added the micro editor in /system.yaml, ran sudo akshara update and then rebooted. What do you know, my LUKS passphrase wasn't recognized once more! Reboot on live, fix it, login... And then my user password wasn't recognized. I just tried a new install, switching the live GNOME session to all French (language, keyboard, regional settings...) but same result: there is no /mnt/etc/vconsole.conf . Is blendOS used by people in other locales than English?
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