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what URL should Kestrel listen to in a docker container on Azure App Service
I have an ASP.NET Core in a docker container that will be hosted on Azure App Service. What URL should I have Kestrel, which is inside the container, listen on when deploying to Azure App Service? My mental model is I could use localhost:8080, then bind that container port 8080 to port 443 of Azure App Service via -p 443:8080. So when visiting, that 443 will be forwarded to 8080 that Kestrel is listening to. ChatGPT suggested to listen to wildcard, but my gut feeling of both localhost and are wrong So what is the correct way to do? Thank you. I am self-taught and I only have very basic networking knowledge so please explain like I'm 5, and give keywords so that I could research more. Thank you
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deploy rest api container from github & docker hub to Azure app service
Hi, I'm working on a project that needs to deploy as tht title, I already ask chatgpt but could someone double check if the suggestion from chatgpt is correct please? Thank you! chatgpt answer:
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Thread signaling still the best practice?
should i still use thread signaling, e.g. ManualResetEvent? Or that should be replaced by async await? if so what's the equivalent in async await? Thank you for your help!
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