Created by Thomas on 6/22/2024 in #❓┊help
FilamentIcon::register view() wrongly (?) rendered as image source
I am trying to replace an icon. For example: tables::actions.filter In the docs it says:
Alternatively, you may use HTML instead of an icon name to render an icon from a Blade view for example:
Source: When I pass a view() it will load the content as the src of the img-element. What I expect to happen here is to replace the entire img-element by what's in my Blade file. Is this intended behaviour or is this an issue with Filament?
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Created by Thomas on 4/11/2024 in #❓┊help
Namespaced translations with different locales
I've installed filament tables in an existing app. I should have done that sooner. We're using non-default locales for this app. For example, instead of en we use en-us. We use the locale as the folder name too. This is causing an issue with Filament as it expects a different locale. When I hardcode App::setLocale('en'), all strings are rendered fine. However, if possible, we prefer to stick to en-us. I have published the translations and renamed en to en-us in lang/vendor/filament-tables but that doesn't seem to do anything. I'm hoping someone here has already dealt with this, if not, worst case we switch to the 'default' locale.
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