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Created by atabegruslan on 6/22/2024 in #❓┊help
How dependent is Filament on Livewire?
If Filament needs Livewire, then When I use plain Laravel and Filament admin panels, Table and Form Builders worked there. No livewire involved. So how did that work?
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Created by atabegruslan on 6/17/2024 in #help
.NET vs PHP frameworks - which is better for big websites with many requests?
Can someone please tell me which is better? ASP.NET or a PHP framework (eg Laravel) for a large ECommerce website that often handle many requests? Google search results are inclusive. Also - Is C# event-based (like Node) or 1 thread per request (like PHP)?
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Created by atabegruslan on 3/15/2024 in #help
✅ JWT question
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