Created by JustNoOne on 6/3/2024 in #❓┊help
Conditional plugin
i have the OTP(afsakar) plugin and 2factorAuth(breezy) plugin how do i conditionally enable the OTP when the 2FactorAuth is not yet enabled by the user?
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Created by JustNoOne on 4/23/2024 in #❓┊help
Image background on light mode
How to have a custom image background on light mode? i've tried overriding the css fi-body class but it the bg image sticks even on dark mode
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Created by JustNoOne on 1/30/2024 in #❓┊help
Database notification on Custom Page
Unable to find component: [filament.livewire.database-notifications] This appears when the custom page is loaded. Im not using a SimplePage. the Whole page loaded perfectly before i implemented the database notification. Now, it still loaded but that error pops up. that custom page has livewire custom components, I've tried adding "use HasDatabaseNotifications;" on the php file and "@livewire('database-notifications')" on the blade file but it still doesn't work https://flareapp.io/share/oPRZdNZP A help is very much appreciated.
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