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Games does not recognize controller

Legion Go. Sometimes controls in game does not works and only B button collapses game. This problem fixes only after device reload. I dont know is it hhd problem or steam, please help me

Steam Question

Hello folks i was just wondering how to launch steam in background when bazzite start, because when i start it steam's on full screen Thank you...

increase ram

Hi, Just wondering if it's impossible to increase ram? Like you would do on windows with page file? Basically I've been installing games and I get an error unarc.dll not enough memory...

Legion Go - B button closes game

Sometimes controls in game just don't works or works incorrectly. For example, sometimes in Assassin's Creed Origins works only B button and it just close game, other controls does not work. hhd ver. 2.5.3
RDFREALLY Dead Fumo4/11/2024

where do I find the updates file

When I installed bazzite I did not have 238 gb of updates and I thought it was the games I installed but now and I don’t know where it is so I can make space…
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stuck on “installing” in game mode

Hoping to get some help here. Fresh legion Go. Did all updates and setup in windows(firmware for controllers etc). Setup bazzite and completed installer and rebooted into desktop mode. Setup everything, all systems normal. Next reboot kicks me to “game” mode, except now it’s stuck on “installing” and I cant see what it’s doing but I think after letting it sit 120mins it’s probably not right. Rebooting just leads to same thing over and over. Can I force it back to desktop mode somehow and do the...

Legion GO - Can't sleep when a Nintendo Joycon when connected via Bluetooth.

As stated in the title, can't sleep or suspend the device when clicking the power button while a 3rd party controller's connected. I'm on Bazzite:Stable.

Bazzite stability with new controller firmware and Bios update (Legion Go)

Hello there, as we have now the option to upgrade controller firmware and switch to a newer bios which would still include tdp controls, I was wondering if someone already underwent the Update on windows and can report if nothing on the side of Bazzite broke?

Cannot launch Lutris or Steam games with 20240410 build - Mangohud issue

I just updated this morning and am coming up against an issue that I did not have last night. Both launching the Lutris app and launching Steam games throw the same error: ``` 09:14:27 ~ → lutris -d INFO 2024-04-10 09:14:30,675 [application.do_command_line:479]:Starting Lutris 0.5.16...
huh, it was Mangohud all along. disabling Mangohud allowed me to launch stuff again

Keyboard Issue after running update and it retching latest razer package

So after running the update in Bazzite, it fetched a new razer package Now apon boot up the keyboard doesnt work, it lights up but key strokes do not work. If i hit the restart on the tower and it boots back up it will work, but from cold boot nope. In windows keyboard works fine, I have even tried swapping the USB ports it uses, but nope problem still persists....

Triple A games best TDP

Hi, I have the decky tool that allows you to adjust the TDP above 15W but just wondering if you know what the best TDP setting is for AAA games like Spiderman, GOW etc ?

Is it possible to switch to x11?

How can i switch to x11? Remote play does not work with wayland.

Bazzite Freezes

Hi there, I'm using Bazzite on my main PC and I had my PC hard freeze. This is the third time I've had this happen during my time with bazzite, and besides that It has overall been a good experience.

stuck on game mode update screen...can someone give me a hand ?

Finished install....started loading plugins.... Opened game made out of curiosity and now I'm stuck.. bar loads to one second and then nothing happens, already tried restarting after one hour #bazzite-help...
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flashing power led rog ally in sleep mode

Not sure if this is a bug or a setting I haven’t found. When I put the ROG Ally Z1E to sleep in a game by pressing the power button, the power led continues to flash every 10-15secs. Is this intended? How can I change this, if it is not a bug? On a separate note when I open Microsoft edge in desktop mode it keeps asking for KDEWallet permissions, how can I change that? Thanks for the great work!...

adjusting Vram with bazzite

Hi, I have an ayaneo 2 with bazzite installed. I wanted to check the Vram so I can adjust it to suit the game I'm playing. Is this possible?

Return to Gaming Mode missing - Gnome

I seem to be missing a few options from the Gnome Bazzite menu, most notably "Return to Gaming Mode." Is there some way I can rebuild this option or reset it to a fresh default?
For anyone that finds this later: Extension Manager > Logo Menu > Other Options > Show/Hide Options > Enable Return to Gamemode Option
UUnit 36504/9/2024

Missing text from games

fresh install of Bazzite on thinkpad T480 laptop. tried running Gmod and Sven Co-op from steam and text is missing on menus. did a system update but problem still occurs
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intermittent freezing during shutdown

Suddenly out of the blue i am suffering from issues on shutdown. From what I can tell its random. What logs can I post to help troubleshoot? This issue is occurring on bazzite desktop...
KSKing Spoons4/9/2024

Fullscreen game clickthrough

When I launch HL2 in fullscreen on bazzite, I can’t click on anything in game and then it takes me to the window under it. What did I do wrong 😭