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Yes, FOTA updates ensure only trusted and verified updates are installed, protecting the device, data, and network. Wanted to get a step by step guide or what to do. @Marvee Amasi @ZacckOsiemo any thoughts on this...

Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone! I am going to design an edge device with nRF52840 for BLE protocol with smoke detector sensor. In this case, I am going to get range about 100 ft. so I would like to know if nRF52840 is suitable to my case. furthermore, if someone has schematics reference design with nRF52840, please let me know about that....

Hi, @Enthernet Code I think creating

Hi, @Enthernet Code I think creating some projects about connecting any non-wifi mcu to the IoT server. We can connect ESP-01/ESP8266/ESP32 (AT command mode) to any 8/32-bit MCU (AVR/PIC/ARM/RISCV) to provide internet connectivity. And then cover different use cases to demonstrate the use of popular protocols in projects. Liked the idea by @techielew picking one platform and creating projects around it.

ohk then , i will ask my dad to help we

ohk then , i will ask my dad to help we with few internships

Okk thank you Mike I’m curious, 🧐 have

Okk thank you Mike I’m curious, 🧐 have you encountered any specific challenges or drawbacks when compared to LoRa? I’m always interested in learning from others.

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All about MIMO

Hello team, Can anyone of you please explain to me about MIMO technology!...

@JeremyCook 🙏 any advice?

@JeremyCook 🙏 any advice?

Hiii Mike , yes l’m working on an

Hiii Mike , yes l’m working on an outdoor project with 5 sensors. They need to send data every 20 minutes, and I'm aiming for a range of 300 meters. I'm using a private network server. Can you share some basic setup tips and things I should watch out for as a beginner in this field?

I would like to monitor the DC Voltage

I would like to monitor the DC Voltage of up to 600V of a PV Solar Battery. Any suggestion on what sensor to use and how to wire it up? [Note: I know it is hazardous voltage & highly expert area requires professional help. I'd like to explore what it will look like for an isolation to work on such voltages]

Edge computing Processors

For me, I always choose the Jetson Series Nano or Xavier NX SOM. There are a few more to consider like RPi with Corel Accelerator & Snapdragon from Qualcomm etc.

CH MCU discussions

Whattt I've never seen a dev board this cheap let alone the Bluetooth capability
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Python source code protection from read

Is this for a commercial project? How imperative is it that either the source or the binary are encrypted? What are you concerned about protecting against? IP theft/cloning? Vulnerabilities? Something else? There are commercial products like IAR Embedded Trust that provide application encryption and other security measures. And other services that encrypt binaries. Of course, those aren't FOSS.....

this is great, how long have you been

this is great, how long have you been working on this

Edge AI use cases and industry apps (continued)

Welcome again, @HxH to DevHeads! Thanks for sharing your interests and you definitely have an outlook of the domains and skills. Sticking to your interest will always help by giving that unfair advantage while you're looking for positions in companies. ML is something that's talked about a lot and coming to the embedded side you may look at places like and for knowing what's hot and where the industry is aligned towards. They have some example projects showcased as well deployed on TI hardware platforms. Last thing you asked, there certainly are positions in the industry related to these but they as small teams(for example in one of the TI seminars I attended recently, they were showcasing EdgeAI solutions and Mr. Shyam ( was explaining how they're poised to expand with automotive, manufacturing use cases. It's like a high-stake, low-volume skill to architect and build these systems. Several startups are in-line as well....