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Segmentation Fault in Assembly Program Using AT&T Syntax and GNU Assembler

I've written a test program using AT&T syntax for use with GNU assembler. The program is supposed to print the value 1 using printf.
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What's wrong with my code?

Hello everyone, I was just wondering why this piece of code is not working. The code get uploaded normally to arduino But when I move the gyroscope it just give me random values of X & Y & Z Im expecting 0,0, variable... ...
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How can I resolve UART transmission errors on my STM32F407VGT6 MCU during rapid string transmission?

Good day everyone @Middleware & OS , I have an objective to transmit a string ("test123") 10 times as fast as possible through UART in interrupt mode utilizing an STM32F407VGT6 MCU on STM32CubeIDE, but I am facing problems. Despite the initial successful transmission, the code eventually encounters an unacceptable scenario where it falls into the Error_Handler(). Though implementing delays between each transmission guarantees that all strings are transferred successfully, I desire to comprehend why this accomplishment cannot be attained without incorporating any delay. What might be causing the issue with transmitting the strings without delays, and how can I fix it? ...

How can I debug an "Illegal instruction" error in my x86-64 assembly ray tracer?

I'm working on a personal project , a simple ray tracer written in x86-64 assembly for educational purposes. It's currently in the early stages, focusing on basic ray-sphere intersection calculations. But I keep getting this error message when trying to run the program.
Illegal instruction (core dumped)
Illegal instruction (core dumped)
I included the relevant code snippet from the ray_tracer.asm file in my public repo here which focuses on setting up the initial ray and a single sphere for testing the intersection logic. I had verified that the assembler NASM is configured correctly for my architecture. Hoping to get some guidance on how to approach debugging this "Illegal instruction" error...

Why isn't my AVR microcontroller controlling motor speed with PWM using Zephyr?

@Middleware & OS Hello guys, I'm attempting to control a motor's speed using PWM on my AVR microcontroller running Zephyr. I've set up the PWM peripheral and device tree configuration, but the motor does not respond to PWM signals. The PWM peripheral has been configured in prj.conf. I also created the device bindings in the device tree source file (dts), then wrote a code to generate PWM signals to control the motor. I expect the motor to change its speed in response to the PWM signals. Specifically, varying the duty cycle should result in corresponding changes in motor speed. The motor I'm using is a Mabuchi RS-540 series. The issue I'm having is that the motor is not responding to the PWM signals. What could be the reason for this, and how can I debug it? this is my code snippet: ```c #include <zephyr.h> #include <device.h>...

Why isn't my Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense transmitting pulse and SpO2 data via BLE?

Hello, I am working on a health monitoring system using an Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense and a Pulse Oximeter (MAX30102) sensor. The objective is to measure and transmit pulse and oxygen saturation data using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The system is running on MicroPython. I have checked that the I2C connection and initialization for the MAX30102 sensor is okay, confirmed the BLE initialization and advertising settings, tested BLE connection with a mobile app to ensure proper pairing. But am getting the error  ...

I have discovered that it seems r0 is always set to 1, meaning INIT2 is never skipped.

Good day guys, this code here is part of the initialization code for a firmware of an STM32F030 microcontroller, disassembled using Radare2. It is executed after the clock initialization but before the heap setup. ``` 0x0800335c 00f00bf8 bl fcn.08003376 0x08003360 0028 cmp r0, 0 ...

ESP32 indexOf() function not recognizing 'PASSWORD' in received RS485 message

Hi everyone, I have a problem with the string function indexOf() that I don't understand. My board with the ESP32 module is connected via RS485 (on UART1) to another board. This second board can send me its data if I ask them sending a magic word. If this word is sent and received correctly, the board asks me the password sending me the word PASSWORD. The only other msg that I can receive from the second board is PASSWORD ERRATA. So, as you can see in the picture below, I receive the msg, and I check if the msg contains the words PASSWORD and ERRATA. In the case shown in the picture, I received the msg PASSWORD, but the instruction "posizione1 = msg.indexOf("PASSWORD");" don't recognize it (as you can see in the serial monitor, posizione1 has the value -1). What am I doing wrong? I know that indexOf can check strings, the sintax seems to be correct, but it doesn't work....
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Error: 'Node not found' when reading Z-Wave door sensor status on SiFive HiFive Unmatched

hey guys am developing a home automation controller using a SiFive HiFive Unmatched with Embedded Linux. The controller should read data from a Z-Wave door sensor, I am using a Z-Wave USB Stick (Model: AEOTEC Z-Stick Gen5, Version: 1.1). i have verified the Z-Wave network configuration and device inclusion, checked the door sensor status and connection, checked that the OpenZWave library is correctly installed and configured. But am getting the error Error reading door status: Node not found....

Resolving "No EtherCAT Slaves Found" Error on BeagleBone AI with Embedded Linux

hey guys, am developing a real-time industrial control system using a BeagleBone AI with Embedded Linux. The system should read data from an EtherCAT torque sensor. I have verified the EtherCAT slave connection and settings, checked the network interface and cable connections, made sure the EtherCAT library is correctly installed and configured. But am getting the error No EtherCAT slaves found. this is my code ```c #include <stdio.h>...

Troubleshooting I2C Transaction Error with AVR Microcontroller and Zephyr RTOS

@Middleware & OS Gm guy's, I'm trying to interface an EEPROM with my AVR microcontroller using Zephyr RTOS. I've configured the I2C peripheral in the prj.conf file and set up the device tree bindings. However, when I attempt to write data to the EEPROM, I get an I2C transaction error. I have been able to configured the I2C peripheral in prj.conf. Created device bindings in the device tree source file (dts). and salso wrote an application to write data to the EEPROM. this is my code snippet: ```c #include <zephyr.h>...

How can I resolve the "Failed to acquire I2C client" error in my kernel space I2C DAC implementation

@Middleware & OS How can I use the I2C bus(DAC) in kernel space, I have verified that the I2C adapter and address in kernel space, I expected to get a Successfully acquired i2c client message in my log but still getting the error Failed to acquire I2C client Here's my code ```c...

How can I resolve the "CAN message send failed" error in my AVR microcontroller project using Zephyr

@Middleware & OS hey guys, I am working on an AVR microcontroller project using Zephyr OS for an IoT device that controls motors via CAN Bus/SPI. The initial error I encountered was "CAN Bus initialization failed." To address this, I verified the wiring and configuration settings in the Zephyr device tree. Despite this, the error "CAN message send failed" persists. I have studied the Zephyr documentation and relevant AVR datasheets extensively, yet the issue remains unresolved. the outcome should be able to send and receive message via the CAN Bus. Here is a sample code snippet of it: ``` #include <zephyr.h> #include <device.h> #include <drivers/can.h> #include <drivers/spi.h>...

Facing a problem in setting up esp-idf in vs code

hello everyone i am following the book: INTERNET OF THINGS PROJECT WITH ESP32 BY: AGUS KURNIAWAN I am facing a problem in setting up esp-idf in vs code can someone help me with it plz this is a simple code to vlink the LEDs but there is a constant error of "configMINIMAL_STACK_SIZE" can someone help me with it @everyone...
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unable to retrieve data from a rs485 based flowmeter

The flowmeter contains a atmega 16 chip and i am trying to get flowrate and flow totalizer from it via rs485 to ttl converter using a arduino nano data related to the rs485 signal and data registers - 0x4001 to 0x4003 ---> flow rate value 0x4004-->flow rate value unit 0x4005 to 0x4007 -->totalizer value...
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I need help

if someone can help me to figure out this error(guide) ,this is the main code :
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Modifying FreeRTOS Interrupt Priorities After Scheduler Initialization

Hey everyone @Middleware & OS , I'm neck-deep in an RTOS project using FreeRTOS. I need to read and potentially modify interrupt priorities after the FreeRTOS scheduler has been kicked off with vTaskStartScheduler(). The issue is, NVIC_GetPriority(DMA1_Channel4_IRQn) seems to behave differently depending on when I call it. ``` #include <FreeRTOS.h> #include <queue.h> #include <task.h>...

Resolving FreeRTOS Application Crashes with S/O Checking, Watchdogs, etc.

Hello @Middleware & OS My FreeRTOS application experiences sporadic crashes or resets without an obvious cause. What steps can I take, such as enabling stack overflow checking, using watchdog timers, or analyzing core dumps, to investigate and resolve these unexpected system failures? Please provide code examples to help understand these solutions. // Enabling stack overflow checking void vApplicationStackOverflowHook(TaskHandle_t xTask, char *pcTaskName) {...

data buffering when connectivity is lost

This topic is to share with how you manage your application and how you deal with it in case the connectivity is lost, and what you do when the connection is established ?

Solves a Sudoku puzzle < C++>

What will be the output of this code? ```C++ #include <iostream> #include <vector>...