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Not displaying right eye when running Flatland (Pico 4/Wivrn/Endeavour)

(running latest Plasma/Wayland) I got Wivrn running finally (and XRGears too, twas just a missing Mesa driver!), though running Flatland/Stardust I'm only getting an image on the left eye. (System-related UI/visuals are unaffected.) XRGears comes through on both eyes, so I'm pretty sure it's not a Wivrn/Monado goof. Also, where should I be looking for debug logs for Stardust?...

Is hexagon launcher supposed to show every application without pressing anything?

The Stardust logo is there, however no matter what button i press on it, the applications do not show. Is it possible that hexagon isn't detecting any desktop files somehow?

StardustXR Server causes Monado to segfault immediately

Not sure where the problem lies, but xrgears runs fine. I'm running the latest garuda linux on basically a fresh install, and I've tested this on xfce, and kde/wayland flavors. Both behave the same. This is with the newest monado v24.0.0 and latest stardust. This is inside a vfio VM, but I've tested steamvr inside it, so I suspect that's not relevant. Should I be using an earlier version of monado? I tried getting v21, but it was far too old to compile easily on garuda....

Cannot connect to X server

Trying to run the server from source using cargo run -- -f and it's erroring out with this error. I'm running this from within Niri so I assumed it'd latch onto the wayland session. Does it need to run from inside X or the tty? Full output: ```...

TapXR support

Hello. I just received TapXR. It's something like a keyboard but in the shape of a smart band. It also supports 6dof 1. Can I use this with monado/StardustXR? 2. Do I need any additional drivers to work with that? 3. Do we have that kind of driver? If not, can I make it by myself?...

Struggles with running on XReal Air

I'm trying to run stardust-xr-server on my XReal Air glasses, but I get the black window open. Glasses are treated as display the same way as before. I had quiet a lot of issues and I'm describing the current state... The stardust-xr-server logs: ``` before init...

Wrong eye offset in wayland apps on XReal Air

Hello, Firstly, I'd like to express my gratitude for the incredible work done on Stardust-xr-server, and Flatland with XReal Air. Everything is up and running smoothly, thanks to your dedication and effort. šŸ™‚ However, I've encountered a specific issue. While the stereoscopic view performs flawlessly with the background skytex, there seems to be a discrepancy in the eye offset when viewing the weston-cliptest window. ...

Is "Manifold" a private repo?

Telescope's script attempts to clone a repo at, but it prompts for authentication. Looking at all the StardustXR repositories, I don't see manifold, and navigating to the repo directly gives error 404. Is manifold a private repo, and what is/was it supposed to be?

How to control executed in flatland app with my mouse and keyboard

Eventually it works, perfectly. Thank you, @Nova. I started monado, then started a stardust server and started flatland. See black screen. After I start the app, it just shows on my glasses. Head rotation works awesome. I see a big space with a big screen with an executed app. It's cool. But my cursor is out of my glasses. It's on the laptop screen. 1. How can I move my mouse from screen to glasses? ...

Can I use Xorg instead of Wayland?

My monado binary works only with Xorg. Can StardustXR works with Xorg or It's important to use Wayland?

manifold/etc not properly working

manifold isnt making a window for our fren @bnuuy64 and it doesnt complain at all. system info in screenshot.
No description

weird issue running stardust

trying to screw with stardust stuff on our newly fixed up old gaming laptop since it's decently powerful, and for some reason stardust just..outputs
before init
after init
before init
after init
and then dies when running it. building from source and running with cargo run yields the process from that ending with a seg fault. everything else seems to work fine, just not stardust. system info is in attached hyfetch screenshot....
No description

Issues with Flatland

Okay so I'm having some issues with Flatland as I'm trying out Stardust on real hardware instead of flatscreen. 1. I launch monado-service -> stardust server -> flatland -> and then an app using the wayland env var. I'm on X11 but the application shows up as upside-down. Other, openxr apps that I use such as Stereokit and others, all have correct orientations. 2. How do I drag/move around a window opened using Flatland (I'm not using any controllers; I'm using Monado's Hand tracking)?...

How to get keyboard Input?

I got stardust running with flatland. I have the falkon webrowser running and I can move the window around with my index controller and click stuff but I cannot figure out how to get keyboard input working? my headset is valve index and I'm using steamvr on endevouros with kde plasma and wayland.

Launching applications

Hey, I got stardust server running from the release page (stardust-xr-server-0.43.0-x86_64.AppImage). Flatland is up, everything is black but my hands. I saw in a help thread you suggested protostar hexagonlauncher (here)[]. I built that but am unsure how to run the hexagonlauncher, I only no a little bit of rust and cargo. I think there was a way to launch a sub package. like this protostar Ā±|main|ā†’ cargo r...

Cannot run StardustXR server

I get the error, when running cargo run: ``rust āÆ cargo run Finished dev [unoptimized + debuginfo] target(s) in 0.11s Running target/debug/stardust-xr-server`...

Can't Seem to Launch Any Applications

This is my first time attempting to run Stardust. I have a Quest 3 and I'm able to connect to the headset and run the Stardust server. It's all black but I can see 2 cones for my controllers. However, from here I'm unable to launch any applications. flatland appears to run when it's invoked from the command line but there is no output nor anything to be seen in the headset. While flatland is running, I attempted to run some applications with gravity, but nothing seems to appear. If I'm being honest I'm not sure I'm running flatland or gravity correctly. For flatland I just run cargo run. Should I see anything after running flatland?...

Can not run wayland applications under stardust

I built stardust-xr-server on Arch, started it with its own XDG_RUNTIME_DIR (otherwise my desktop becomes unusable), and tried to connect weston-terminal to it with WAYLAND_SOCKET=/tmp/stardust-xr-0/wayland-0 weston-terminal. Weston-terminal only outputs this:
failed to connect to Wayland display: Success
failed to create display: Success
failed to connect to Wayland display: Success
failed to create display: Success

How to connect Meta Quest?

I've just install the server successfully. Now I want to run it with my Meta Quest 3 but I don't know from where should I start šŸ™‚