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TPM 1.2 TO TPM 2.0

Hi , I've recently had a problem with my valorant wich asking me to enable TPM 2.0 but in only have the TPM 1.2 and i c'ant change to 2.0 can someone help me ??
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Val Freezes

My Val freezes and I cant not click anything when i tab out. im on windows 11. anybody know a fix for this?

can’t login

Hi, I was accepted to try the beta and unable to login to my riot account. Please could help me resolve this issue. Many thanks πŸ™ŒπŸ½

Why does my combnat report look like this?

No banneer, doesnt show who killed me mid round. After round, it shows all...
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game settings

is this bad or something because it doesn’t look normal πŸ’€
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Account hacked

My riot account was hacked on 20th June without knowing how. When I was trying to login, it said that the credentials were not correct and I had to recover it back using the recovery tool of riot. I got it back that day and had turned 2fa on. The next day, my account got compromised again, even though 2fa was on. I used the recovery tool again and got it back, but my account got hacked again and the email id was changed. This time, when I tried to get it back from the recovery tool, it said that...

I'm having experienced with VAN 185 error.

This issue just new but it start frequently, when i was playing mid-game this message pop out and tell me to restart riot client. This is main reason I afk 3 times and got banned.

Secure boot verification failure

i activated tpm 2.0, secure boot, Iommu, HVCI and i am on UEFI and still it gibe me the Secure boot verification failure can anyone help me please...

Valorant cant uninstall,

it wont uninstall, whenever I try to it says "unable to uninstall, Riot client is currently open." and its not even open. I just want more storage :val_Hampter:

voice chat not working?

I play console valorant and was trying to go to gamechat and talk but there was a slash in my mic even though my mic was turned on, does anybody know how to fix this?
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How this is possible

me and my friends were in a valorant game and we lost then when we checked the career we saw that there was a diamond this did not only happen once but twice
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I got permanently banned for using third party app but i didn't use any app

normally i just logged in and i got banned for usin the third party app but my pc was full clear no background apps running, could please help me guys, i have spend lots and lots VC points in that account please help me guys what to do...

server routing problem..?

I was playing a game of comp after that game was over i logged out, i then decided to log back in then i saw my ping, all of them are 100 to 120. I dont really know what happened, it has been 4 hours sinec this incident happened, Im pretty sure its not a problem on my side..

windowed fullscreen does not make alt tabbing faster

when i use windowed fullscreen it doesn't make alt tabbing any faster compared to fullscreen. it works completely fine with windowed tho.

Console Crosshair glitch

My crosshair is invisible and i cant fix it

Fullscreen glitch

Now i have the problem where my game freezes but the audio is still playing and my mouse pointer is saying something is loading and then not anymore the hole time.

Riot claims my account isnt in their system?

I tried logging into my account and it basically said that it didnt exist or that my credentials didnt match the login, how do i fix that? Is it hacked?