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why doesnt the evori dream gunbuddy changes color?

when you equip the gun buddy in one of the skins, the ribon changes color, but why in game it doesnt?
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fake coaches / hackers

Hello sorry to disturb u but i wanna talk about something going on the discord lately people keeps giving out coaching sessions when u dm them they say only boost then u share account and they steal it

val wont load up

can someone please help me, val keeps taking so long to load up and this just started today. sometimes it wont even load and just stays on the pinkish screen

I got windows 11 and I get tpm/secure boot error codes

If anyone have had this problem and fixed it plz tell me how

2FA issues

I’m tryna turn on 2FA because everything’s been getting hacked recently so I go to my email to verify that I want to turn it on and it won’t go to my email why is this happening?

Valorant error VAN-79

Does anyone know how to resolve the issue with Vanguard service (vgc) not starting because of the Error: 1 Invalid Function? I already tried like every Youtube tutorial that is out there. I would appreciate support/help alot. ❤️...

cant log into riot

i ckick log in with google and it says "Looks like you already have an account Sign in with your existing account to connect to Google Sign-in." im not even signing up im logging in with google account why is this an issue...

has anyone had this issue?

got this pink square top left of my screen when i play valorant. i was wondering do u guys think this is a gpu or a monitor issue?
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my ex bf got my acc perma banned i need help.

Okay so basically he was rlly toxic to me an acted like he didnt care abt the relationship so i worked up the courage to break up w him, (after he cheated on me an got hardwarebanned for cheating in valorant) after it all happened i tried to change my password on val but it wasnt sending a verification code and i had to leave that day to go on vacation so i thought it should be fine for me to dip. Today however, my friend sends me a pic of my acc. my acc has been perma suspended and i havent ev...

Xbox Code needed

If anyone has a Code for Xbox for free please DM me

gui problem

i was in a game, then i randomly dc while buying stuff in pre-round and smt weird happened
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everytime i launch valorant my screen freezes and i have to restart my pc for it to launch. it also happens when i tab out sometimes to me and my friend. how do you fix this borderless doesent work. I get penalties because of this stupid problem

pc help

can you build a pc for 400 pound that plays valorant above 144 fps?

Should I run Riot Client as administrator?

I'm getting tired of entering my admin password every single time I turn on my PC so riot client can do something. Should I run it as administrator or change one of the properties so it stops?
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cant reg on gankster

i cant reggistrate on gankster to find a team i tried whole day to verify but i cant its giving me this image and when i click on check on status i getting this image
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I need to enable secure boot but i dont want to break my pc it happens to most people any way to check if its supported

I got a penalty because of a BUG.

I was in agent select for a competitive match and selected Iso. The timer went to 0 and the other team locked in all their agents as well as my team. Then it sat on that screen for a solid 10 minutes. It wasn't until I tried pressing something that I realized my screen was bugged. I tried tabbing out so i could close to task and reopen Valorant but because I have Valorant in full screen to reduce lag, It would not let me switch tabs. I had to open an entire other desktop to be able to close the...
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Crossshair console

I have a big problem, how can i get tenz crosshair in black on ps5 ?:val_KekwSob:
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