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MMagicGamer ☄4/13/2024

Me when setting the rank card background breaks /rank

Ah yeah, the issue is one we found recently and is a issue with Imgur rate limiting I believe. I'll double check for you real quick
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Llight 🕯4/11/2024

what are the variables

I'm trying to set up my level up messages and I'm just wondering what the variables are for whenever i'm coding the level up messages

API ratelimit

Am I lost or does the API not return any ratelimt headers like remaining? If so could it be possible to add that since handling ratelimit is really annoying without that
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MMagicGamer ☄3/14/2024

Api key request

i would like to request a kiai api key request Bot id: 1197058655313469551...


I set the global multiplier to 5x. He does not work. The number of exp after the message is not multiplied
RRRick | Rickert_0071/26/2024

Level-up message

After the update, the bot is posting the wrong message voor the levels, now there is a custom message for every level we don't wanna use that, but want our deffault message set to be used for every level. I did /level-up-message list or something like that command but than there are some custom level messages, but how do i delete them. Since we don't want custom level messages I hope this is info enough, if not tagg me please so i can make it clear....
@Rick | Rickert_007 sorry for the wait, should be fixed!

Kiai API -> virtual message

Looking to integrate Kiai's leveling with my own STT bot as a better level up system. Docs on the virtual message endpoint aren't great, so I'm wondering a few things about it: * For a specific user in the server should I populate member.roles with all of their roles? * Does Kiai not take into account the message content at all? * There's also a field kiaiApplicationId in the JSON request, what should that be?...
Yeah the virtual message API is basically a hacky method no matter which way you look at it ioswoozy - Yes, we use those role IDs to compare against the blacklist, rather than waiting and trying to fetch the user from Discord - Correct, message length doesn't matter to kiai (we didn't even apply for the message content intent) - That property was removed (though it would be your bot's ID), I'm not sure why it still shows up on the swagger docs but I'll get that removed shortly...

Kiai bot auto message

I added the bot to my server, and I moved it from the main chat channel to a channel on its own to post the level messages there instead of being mixed with normal chat. And now it won't post at all. You have to use the rank commands or leaderboard commands to get your messages
yes, the bot needs to see the channel and message history to be able to count XP. for the bot to send level up message / respond to commands it would need send messages too....

Reward roles only given to people with the exact level

I use the kiai bot for my server and imported data but now the reward roles are all messed up, guildid: 1190250358593818674 for context: the user in the screenshot is level 25 but doesn't have the other roles...
I can see your server has role reward stacking enabled, so it should have added the roles to all eligible users. I'll need to look into this more deeply; are you able to wait for a fix?
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Arcane XP Data Transfer

I am aware that there is no current way to transfer XP data with Arcane, however, I would like to use your bot and I was told by @oirnoir that you may be able to manually do it.
ABAlan biernacki1/2/2024


How long can you give some a role for when you use/rewards add role because idk how much time you can add and this is on kiai I need to know so I can add it on my server and is there a way to give a role when some on level up i need so badly
Okay well, 1. You can set it to never be removed, or you can set a time after which to remove the role 2. Yes, you can set different roles to be added at different levels using /rewards add role...

Reward Messages are getting repeated.

It is becoming in issue in my server. When a person levels up and gets a special message, it plays almost all of them. It is getting really annoying, Help wanted please!
Resolved the issue!
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Rank card background has no validation

The rank background image input has no validation.

/settings server loads forever

Most all other commands seem to work, other than /settings server This was an issue both yesterday and today :)...
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How do you create an authorization token for an application?

https://api.kiaibot.com/docs/ looks pretty cool, but I don't know how to create an application in order to be able to use the API.