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Authentication IDP

Hello guys, I founded Novu while I was doing some research about notification services. My question is, what kind of authentication is included and supported? Is it possible to connect an idp?

Duplicate FCM web push notifications

FCM web push notifications are being received twice in a single trigger everytime.

Internal server error (500) trying to promote a workflow change

I've made some modifications to a workflow and am attempting to deploy these changes, but I keep encountering an "Internal server error" message. I have previously experienced issues with this workflow which I managed to resolve by changing the Trigger identifier. However, this time, even that solution isn’t working. Attached are screenshots illustrating the problem....
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Message retention policy

Hello Team!) Is there an "out of the box" solution to configure messages retention period in Novu? Ex: I need to store notification only for 1 week and auto delete after to save disk space....

How to get a notifications list by feed on react app

Hello Team!, So i have 2 feed identifier market and trigger and i use 2 different useFetchNotification hook to fetch the notifications with 2 different feed identifier but somehow the data got replaced by one and another its either market or trigger, market feed is used for the entirety of the app and i want to use novu socket by trigger feed to get update to trigger api call
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How do delete Novu organization?

By accident, I created a new Novu organization which puts me on the business plan. How can I delete an organization? Will I be billed for this?
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Shadow Payload

Hello ! I'm trying to use Novu with the java sdk and as self-hosted. Actually it work pretty well. I use a payload in this form:...

How to create a Terminal

Hello Team! I spent a lot of time investigating where is coming from this bundle and I couldnt get any results. I want to create a similar interactive terminal with workflows but I don't know where to start. Something like on the hero of Stainless ( Can anyone guide me please?...
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🚨 Support Guidelines 🚨

- Share as many details as you can. It will help us in debugging the issue. - This channel is for general bugs, issues, feedback, and support for Novu SaaS users. - Please share environmentId to report any bug or issue in Novu SaaS. - If looking for self-hosting support, kindly use #⚓│community-self-host channel. - If there is any issue in running Novu in local machine, please share system details like operating system, RAM size, npm version, node version....

Hi Team,

Is there any way to Get Messages of a subscriber ordered by latest messages? If I send limit as 50 to getMessages API, it is giving me top 50 in chronological order but I'm looking for latest 50 messages to display on the app. Please let me know if that is possible.

Setting condition for user inactivity

Hi, Team! How do I add a condition for a push to be triggered after 3 days of a subscriber inactivity? Or when they add something in the cart but do not finalize their purchase?


I deployed Novu on VPS. When I try to register through web app I get CORS error. In network and console I get these (two images)...
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FRONT_BASE_URL: Invalid url: "$HOST_NAME:4200"

I deploy Novu on VPS. It is my .env file JWT_SECRET=eadfce9325ddac90fde6011b494871ac089a048606efe1f5c109409bbb278278e7b7adf65fc6d18c5e1921692d5e6dc13722d1ba1be3e28899983b5d1dc9e644 STORE_ENCRYPTION_KEY=12345678912345678912345678912345 ...

Trigger the workflow from the next.js app.

I created workflow. When i trigger it from web app I see notification in my app. But when I trigger it from my app I do not seen this new notification. I deploy novu locally and I work with my next.js app.

Preferences Button in Custom Header

Hi all, I am trying to customize the header within PopoverNotificationCenter. Is there anyway I can replicate the behavior of the settings/preferences button? I can't seem to find a way to change to the preferences view.

Accessing events for actionMenu

Team: I want to add event listeners to the actionMenu buttons. When I click on the Remove message / Mark as read buttons, it closes the notification overlay. I am using some other event handlers like onNotificationClick. Using the stopPropogation method would be helpful here. Is there any event handler for these actionMenu dropdown buttons? Ref:

Setting custom queryKey in useFetchNotifications

Hi @Pawan Jain , I'm trying to fetch all notifications and only unread notifications separately. I'm doing something like ```javascript const {...

Packages/application-generic/ path is not found in the repo.

Hi, i am trying to add a push notification provider but as per documentation there is a packages/application-generic folder where we need to add the provider handler. but i am not able to find this particular path and folder. can some one guide me on this? is there any changes that has happened but not updated in the docs maybe? doc link i am following:
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CORS when deployed on VPS

I deployed novu (docker file from docker/community folder) on VPS to use it with my next.js app. And I faced the problem of CORS. Do I need make some changes in docker file to solve CORS? Do I need make some changes on VPS? Or I need find solution on the side of my app?