Railway Terms

Hello, there!
I am using railway to develop an inventory application for the church I attend, is this prohibited under railway terms? From what I read no, but I just wanted to confirm right here to be sure, thanks!
ADA Dumb5/17/2023
Nope, not prohibited at all
ADA Dumb5/17/2023
Why would you think that? Just curious. The TOS is published here https://railway.app/legal/terms
I really don't know why I thought that, but I wanted to make sure I could lmao, it's just that English is not my native language, I read what could and couldn't be done in the terms here: https://railway.app/legal/fair-use and I had this doubt haha, and I thought, it's better to ask before doing it wrong and then losing the project.

Thanks for clarifying this for me.
ADA Dumb5/18/2023
No worries, happy to help