Trying to get Shopware Running please help

Hi there I am trying to get Shopware Running on Railway. I have created a Dockerfile on my repo but I am not sure how to continue Here is my Dockerfile. Please note that on the official documentation I need to have a mysql root password. But I cant find this in the Railway mysql settings. When I add the service. FROM mysql:8.0 ENV MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD= ENV MYSQL_DATABASE= ENV MYSQL_USER= ENV MYSQL_PASSWORD= FROM shyim/shopware:6.4.20-php8.2 ENV APP_SECRET=440dec3766de53010c5ccf6231c182acfc90bd25cff82e771245f736fd276518 ENV INSTANCE_ID=10612e3916e153dd3447850e944a03fabe89440970295447a30a75b151bd844e ENV ENV BLUE_GREEN_DEPLOYMENT=0 ENV ENV DATABASE_URL= [in railway account] EXPOSE 80 What am I doing wrong? Can someone help me to get the Shopware running on Railway. Perhaps someone can create a template also for Shopware? Project id is = f10cea7d-637b-4586-9521-f7437e389296
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Percy13mo ago
Project ID: f10cea7d-637b-4586-9521-f7437e389296
Brody13mo ago