Railway11mo ago

any reason why my usage suddenly jumps to 4GB when there are no tasks running?

The app had no requests for for the entire day but the usage jumped, any reason why this could happen? Thanks Yash
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Percy11mo ago
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ThallesComH11mo ago
it's hard to know what it is without any code. probably a memory leak or something that your application does in that time (background jobs?)
Yash11mo ago
yes, but there were no jobs running at that time, i'm using celery and a python script to do some video editing
Medim11mo ago
Did u try running it locally to see if that same issue happens? But yeah, its hard to tell without code
Yash11mo ago
This is not an issue on local, let me know if you need any specific part of the code. For now, I've broken celery and app in separate modules