Odoo Community Edition

I would like to know if we can setup Odoo in railway?

The odoo image is built with docker using this folder in git: https://github.com/odoo/docker/tree/master/16.0

In the backend we need a postgres DB. The server/container should be called DB so that it's found by Odoo and connects as soon as postgres is available to receive connections.

Odoo exposes ports 8069, 8071 and 8072

It needs a reverse proxy. The preferred and tested one is nginx. Attached is a sample config. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Railway can only expose one port per service. You won't be able to use odoo unless you can somehow split the functionality between 3 services, or force it to only use one port
thats what the proxy is for 😉
run the odoo service as an internal only service, then use a public facing proxy to split the different ports out into different endpoints
Can you point out in the correct direction to deploy the internal service via a dockerfile?
This is the Dockerfile with the additional scripts and files it needs to be deployed: https://github.com/odoo/docker/tree/master/16.0
uh well its more of a "if you know, you know" type of situation
Got it. I will dig in the documentation.
any service deployed will be able to be access over the private network, but theres a lot to get into there
have a look at this template https://railway.app/template/6kkDlC
ignore the nginx logo
in fact, i couldnt see why odoo would require a proxy

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