Hello, i have a deploy error that i don't have before

Hello, my last deploy was a year ago, i have make a litle update and now the nodejs projet give my a path error for a file that i don't have touch, i have try to redeploy the deploy before my update but same error, my error :
throw err;


Error: Cannot find module '../../index.js'

Require stack:

- /usr/src/app/src/handlers/events/event.ts

- /usr/src/app/src/client.ts

- /usr/src/app/src/index.ts
It runs fine locally?
And the old build buildet a moth ago that i have try to rebuild for continue maintain my bot, but crashed to
My guess is that theres a problem with u path alias
Look at the path the error generated
double src
and in ur tsconfig.json u got a
"$core/*": [ "./src/*" ]
If u remove the Dockerfile and set the start command in the service to npm run start:prod does it work?
I have dependences require node v19
So i don't can run without dockerfile
You can set a NIXPACKS_NODE_VERSION = 19
env var
to set the node version
19 is added of support ?
ye (i think)
nvm it doesn't, i thought my app was running on 19 but it runs on 18
I had the same issue you are having, but i can't remember exactly what i did to fix it

My last post have say to use dockerfile for fix it
if brody said it, better keep that dockerfile there
But the thing that are cringe, that the same deploy run one moth ago but not now
I didn't write that dockerfile
Yes, but you have say my to use a dockerfile
I have write it same, and one moth ago he was work without problem
why do you have your lock file in the gitignore
I use pnpm in dev, and is autogenered gitignore
FROM node:19-alpine AS base
RUN corepack enable

COPY . /app

FROM base AS prod-deps
RUN pnpm install --prod --frozen-lockfile

FROM base AS build
RUN pnpm install --frozen-lockfile
RUN pnpx prisma generate
RUN pnpm run build

FROM base
COPY --from=prod-deps /app/node_modules /app/node_modules
COPY --from=build /app/out /app/out
CMD [ "pnpm", "run", "start:prod" ]

fix, now i use pnpm, swc and build and run, after somes hours to try to run it correctly

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