Accessing current Nixpacks file

I need to install Poppler on my Railway environment. From what I can see one way to do this is via the Nixpacks file. I don't currently have one on my local. Is there a way to install Poppler via the Railway GUI. If not, is there a way to get the current Nixpacks file so I can add Poppler, without risking breaking other stuff by writing the Nixpacks file from scratch.
you dont need to write one from scratch at all, you can just add onto it like so
nixPkgs = ['...', 'poppler']

the ... is an extending array, it adds poppler onto whatever nix packages that nixpacks was already going to install
Thanks mate! How do I find the path to poppler - I need to specify it in my code.
do you though? wouldnt whatever library you are using check the $PATH? and i assume thats where poppler would be
You're probably right. ChatGPT seems to think I need to specify the path, but should probably test first :mildpanic:
let me know how that goes!

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