Initial Deployment Continues To Fail

Hello everyone. I am trying to setup, and stuck at the starting line. All ive done is connect github, signed up for the hobby plan, deployed the template. I keep getting this same error. Please help! "Error response from daemon: manifest for registry.rlwy.net/33c58994-29a0-40cb-989c-60d7c2fb69f6:32886a75-1ec7-42d9-980f-8d69f8d4bdbb not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown FlowiseAI-Railway | Railway"
what template where you trying to deploy?
im seeing the same error, but from a longer running project trying to deploy our own system.
not an issue with the template, issue with the builder, will bring this up to the team
Amazing - glad I am not just a total idiot messing up before even starting. Brody, thank you for the feedback and reply. As a new person, what should I expect far as resolution/time/response?
normally the team would see my message in mod chat and get to action, but it seems most of them are in the idle state so not too sure, couldnt be longer than a few hours though
Ok noted. Do you reccomend I delete the deployment, or wait for the fix and redeploy?
wait for the fix and redeploy when the team confirms its fixed, keep an eye out in #🚨|incidents
Will do! Thanks
other users have reported this as fixed
Yes Brody, I just finished the redeployment, thank you for your help!

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