Im new to all this so bare with me.

I have a .dev site and the ssl giving me some issues. I'm getting the "not secure site" when trying to access the * wildcard version. www. version appears to be working fine. I have a couple questions.

1) Do I need an alias version for both the * wildcard and www. versions? www. version is only alias and is working, which is confusing as I read that railway doesnt use alias? I could be misinformed. I also have an alias version of my *.wildcard domain.

2)I'm getting the NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID error. I'm unsure where i need to add the _acme-challenge.domain.here ? There is a TXT _acme-challenge dns record on my porkbun domain. Is this what i need to do to get my domain working with ssl??
you need to use the cnames railway gives you for any subdomain and root domain, anything else won't work, of your domain provider doesnt support cnames at the root level you will need to use cloudflare's nameservers
I just figured it out. I wasnt adding the wildcard into railway.
awesome glad you've figured it out!
For anyone troubleshooting in the future. i've written some basic information about the different options when setting up your site using a custom domain like I was/am. This info pertains to railway.app only, as thats my only experience so far.

Root Domain (my.site)
ALIAS: This method points your root domain (my.site) to another domain (like a Railway app domain). Not all DNS providers support these records for the root domain, but if it does, that's a good option for setting up the root domain.

Subdomain (www.my.site)
CNAME Record: This is standard for setting up a subdomain. You can point www.my.site to your Railway app's domain using a CNAME record.

Wildcard (*.my.site)
CNAME: The wildcard can represent any subdomain of your site. It's useful if you're planning to create multiple subdomains that all need to be pointed to the same place. Note that a wildcard will not cover the root domain itself.

Just Root and www: If you set up DNS records just for my.site and www.my.site, that's often sufficient for most use-cases. Anyone typing either of those will be taken to your website.

Wildcard: A wildcard is more encompassing but may be overkill if you don't plan to use additional subdomains. However, it makes your setup more flexible for future expansions without having to change DNS records again.
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