Advice on fit of XXS / XS UNIQLO 'Utility Short Blouson Jacket'. Trying to understand 'boxy cut'.

Best fit out of these XXS + XS UNIQLO Short Blouson Jackets? I'm pretty sure the XS fits be better (but no harm on feedback). You can see 'pulling/creasing' with the XXS. Q: Wat is a "boxy cut" (item description), compared to your usual other fitted jackets? Jacket just looks roomier/square? I absolutely love the jacket look/style/length etc etc. Tried on with a plain white T underneath (also with a jumper (photosnot attached), which shows roughly same look/fit/creasing). Q: Will this jacket be suitable for Spring/Summer? Or more Autumn/Spring?? I'd mainly wear a single T/Oxford shirt, or 1 jumper (I overheat if I layer too much) P.S Ignore the green chino (combo). Only 'straight/better fitting pants' I have atm...! + Sleeves cuffed (will get them tailored). And I prefer the lighter green if I go for XS. Thoughts?
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mattw28216d ago
A boxy cut will generally not be tapered at the waist, be a little bit shorter and probably be wider at the shoulders but different brands use the phrase to mean different things. What it's suitable for will depend mostly on how hot/cold you run.
KANB16d ago
XS fits much better
Bigelow16d ago
XS looks great. You don't need the sleeves tailored
Cozzie16d ago
Ahhhh this makes sense now. Is there a reason also why boxier cuts are shorter? Do they just give a better shape? I've seen a few 'boxier T's e.g from Weekday + Abercrombie that are the heavyweight T. I've cuffed them in my pic. Usually they are nearing the thumb nail lol.
mattw28216d ago
It's for a different shape, it's not necessarily a better shape depending on what your goals for dressing are and what kind of silhouette you're trying to achieve.
Cozzie15d ago
If anyone else comes across this post: Q: What colour is most versatile? I love both and cant make up my mind! I feel the light green is nice for that spring/summer, but the darker olive is a classic nice colour fort Autumn/Winter (if warm enough!)
zeometer15d ago
versatility doesn't exist in a vacuum, it depends on everything else you're wearing imo there's not enough difference in color to claim a functional benefit to one over the other there's also no style rule against wearing dark colors in warm weather or lighter colors in winter. with only the information provided, no preference. the light green looks better with those specific pants but you should consider what all you'll wear this with
Cozzie15d ago
These are good points. Tried on darker pants and the dark olive worked/looked nice. Light green not quite as well. And lighter wash jeans/ white T, and the light olive looked nicer. Not quite the dark. Gotta think now lol
CrispySmokyFrazzles14d ago
This depends entirely on your wardrobe, and your tastes. The lighter green would be my go to, but that’s only because I’d see it fitting more into what I tend to wear
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