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travel duffel bags
I've been looking for travel duffel bags that I can use as a carry on item. I found this one, but it's a "garment bag". Is it stupid to buy a garment bag when you almost never wear a suit or is it still worth it? @BlackHorizon here you go.
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brown/white uni strip OCBD
Hi all, looking for a brown/darkest orange uni stripe OCBD. Kamakura used to do one but I can't find it in stock anywhere ATM and it's not on their website anymore. Any leads? Budget: pretty flexible, but let's say up to $200. Happy to buy used. Location: UK
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recommend me a sneaker
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read me first!
The best way to get a good answer is to ask a great question Consider including: * A specific budget in numbers. Phrases like "affordable" and "won't break the bank" mean different things to different people. * Your location, particularly if that limits your options because of customs/import or if you have limited access to stores etc. * Whether you would prefer to buy in person or if online is fine. * Timescales - do you need something urgently? Can you wait for a sale? * Whether you're happy to buy second hand. * Specific body measurements beyond your height and weight - waist and chest measurements are more useful. * Measurements of your favourite fitting clothing. * Reference pictures of things you like or are looking for.
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