Why steam n rails not support optifine

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Steam 'n' Rails Bot
Hello @builder of railways! Someone will help you shortly, please do not ping moderators or other people and just wait for someone to come help.
IThundxr2mo ago
breaks the mod, also the warning screen was removed in 1.6.x
builder of railways
Why it breaks mod i dont understand
IThundxr2mo ago
invasive changes to minecraft
Larz1512mo ago
Use rubidium or embeddium
Ghyro2mo ago
Optifine is not a good option since 1.13 anymore, as most systems that optifine touches got revamped over the last decade, effectively making that mod less and less effective. Modern solutions do exist however, as Larz has pointed out already. And if you are on fabric, I assume you have at least heard about the sodium line
Pohodovej_rybar2mo ago
Go to the config and disable it