Anyone have recs for 3.5mm ground loop isolator...

Anyone have recs for 3.5mm ground loop isolators? I've tried out some of the ones from Amazon in the $10, and they're all ass (as expected). But the more expensive ones in the $30 range don't seem to be very good either, judging from the reviews... Ground Loop 3.5mm ground loop 3.5mm
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Needle2mo ago
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foreign-sapphire2mo ago
What are glizzys haha
fascinating-indigo3w ago
I bought a cheap one on Amazon and it worked fine for me. What are you using it for?
foreign-sapphire3w ago
I had some static in my headset setup, so I thought the ground loop could help for that. Turns out the issue was how I installed the usbc - 3.5mm splitters as detailed by total dev here ( Following totaldev's instructions fixed the static, so I returned the loops.
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foreign-sapphire3w ago
For that piece of hardware, you have to plug it into the USBc laptop port without the 3.5mm hooked up first, then hook up the 3.5 mm cables
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