Your Favorite Chinos for $ __

Hey friends, first time using the MFA discord so appreciate your patience. I’m in search of top tier Chinos (sub-$500, USA, new) for the summer and have been consolidating the list below, so hopefully it can help anyone else who finds this thread. 1. Norse Projects 2. Rogue Territory (Officer fit unfortunately didn’t work for me) 3. Outlier 4. Engineered Garments 5. Incotex 6. 3sixteen 7. Iron heart 8. Freenote Cloth 9. Anatomica 10. Left Field 11. Ciano Farmer 12. Epaulet
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zeometer2mo ago
questions to consider: - is there a set budget, - what location is being considered (us, eu, worldwide) - is secondhand an option? the meme answer currently is going on ebay and finding PRL andrews (pleated)/hammonds (reverse pleats)/prospects (flat front) or OG-107s current brands...if you have the money casatlantic and scott fraser collection are high quality, well-received chinos j.crew reintroduced the giant chinos which is a good option for a wider fit (on sale); cos is also a good mid-price option budget option is of course :uniqlo:
rej2mo ago
We used to have a totd series for these. Might be an idea for the next one
jfarrell4682mo ago
Yeah, I feel like "top tier chinos" is a bit of a contradiction. PRL pants on eBay are totally decent. If I'm going to pay $300 for a pair of pants, I want something special as far as fabric, cut, color, details, etc. To me, khaki chinos are a wardrobe basic. Sure, you could spend 10x the price of a secondhand pair of PRL, and get something maybe be 20% better. Doesn't seem worth it for a pair of plain beige pants.
goofus2mo ago
(get ones with pleats) (old polo ralph lauren) that’s my standing 20ft away voice
jfarrell4682mo ago
Or if you don't do secondhand, spend $100 on J. Crew giant fit, and save the rest of your money for something cool and weird, like the Wythe Donegal cords
JgWentwoorth2mo ago
Should have specified - no price limit, US, new only please Edited the original post - no price limit, new only Not worried about price
tspf2mo ago
I’ve found them a bit inconsistent in availability and sizing but the slim fit Orslow army trousers are made of an awesome and versatile fabric, IMO much better than your generic PRL/Crew/etc.
mmmllrrr2mo ago
My apologies if this is rude behavior, though I have two questions: does PRL stand for Polo Ralph Lauren? If so, I’m interested in the eBay route : do you have recommendations for specific type of chinos to look for? I’ve picked up a couple of pairs of J. Crew 770 straight and really like them
rej2mo ago
Yes, Polo Ralph Lauren. A lot of people like the Andrew pant