Created by Pixelッ on 6/9/2024 in #community-help
So, every couple seconds, my ping goes from around 10~30's , to then 300-800, then it repeats.
How can I fix this and why is this happening
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Created by Pixelッ on 2/2/2024 in #community-help
My mouse acts, finicky when I boot up Valorant And Valorant PBE (Yes, I know, its not up yet)
Whenever I boot up pretty much any Valorant Version, my mouse starts acting finicky, moving my mouse up becomes way harder, changes it movement speed as I'm moving it, even though I'm keeping it the same pace (Its all slowed down) I can't press buttons anymore, so I have to Alt+F4, along with my mouse continueing to do what I mentioned previously on all monitors. Has anyone else ran into this issue, can I fix it? Thank you for reading this (And helping if you did!) :Iso_Love:
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Created by Pixelッ on 3/30/2023 in #community-help
Has there been a Scythe knife skin before? ever in the store/battlepass or something?
I was wondering if there was ever a scythe knife skin in game before, because I've seen katanas, karambits, axes, hammers, drills, sword, etc
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Created by Pixelッ on 3/25/2023 in #community-help
Are valorant points always going to be you have to buy them, or can you earn them in games?
How does it work?
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