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Variable in theme. What's wrong ?
hi everyone Several hours spent trying to understand why it doesn't work! Following the menus, I want to change the look of a différent button (the last one in fact). {{cssrevenir}} is, for example, the string choice2. When I write manually, it works (aka > [data-itemid="choice2"]) But with the variable {{cssrevenir}}, nothing.
[data-itemid={{cssrevenir}}] { background-color: rgba(235,235,235, 0); color : rgba(45, 70, 205, 1); font-weight: 400; border-radius: 12px; border-color: rgba(246, 239, 220, 0); box-shadow: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0) 2px 3px 6px !important; }
I've tried [data-itemid="{{cssrevenir}}"] and to put " in {{cssrevenir}} like "choice2"
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display clickable text via variable
hi, I'm trying to format a URL by declaring a variable and then using this variable to display clickable text. I've tried this, but to no success: "<a href="">linkedin</a>" Any other ideas?
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