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Created by Vero on 3/26/2024 in #questions
Sitemap Returns 404
Hi. Just realized this sitemap dissapeared, is that intended?:
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CDCloudflare Developers
Created by Vero on 4/11/2023 in #pages-help
Env vars not being loaded on CF Pages domain
I am deploying using Github Actions and therefore, I am uploading on CF Pages with cloudflare/wrangler-action@2.0.0 I have an issue because I have some environment variables in a .env file For some reason, when the deploy is done, the environment variables are not loaded on CF Pages domain I looked for an answer but found not solution I know we can manually add environment variables to a CF Pages project but I want to automate as much as possible I am creating a .env file when running the Github Action with the correct environment variables I get the correct values when running npm run build But when I look at the CF Pages domain, it does not log the correct values By: @Anthodpnt
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