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string-width build error with Astro?

Hey, so I updated Astro, and now my builds are getting this error ```ts 21:54:35.444 Executing user command: bun run build 21:54:35.714 $ astro check && astro build...

I am trying to delete few cloudflare pages but I keep getting An unknown error occured.

I am trying to delete few cloudflare pages but I keep getting An unknown error occured. Contact your account team or Cloudflare support: (Code: 8000000) . The URL for the pages projects are 1) 2) . I created those projects using npx wrangler. It was working fine till today afternoon and all of a sudden I am getting this issue

Domain fronting with Cloudflare Pages

I'm trying to replace one part of an existing website (hosted more traditionally) with a Cloudflare Pages site that has functions support as well, the functions are existing workers code I already have in deployment. From what I can see the recommended way to also serve static site with workers code is to transition it to pages but I'm finding some problems with it. Specifically my current worker is using routes ( to only run on specific paths and sometimes also pass through the request to the origin as necessary. I don't see both triggering on specific paths and passing to the origin being possible with Cloudflare Pages and Functions (custom domains only supports DNS records it seems and no pass through is documented to be possible). Essentially POST currently goes to the worker first then either get processed there and returned or forwarded to the origin to respond, I want to keep this behaviour. At the same time I want to add GET to serve a static page from Cloudflare Pages while GET will still go through to my origin....

Trying to delete a cloudflare pages project

But getting the following error message: An unknown error occured. Contact your account team or Cloudflare support: (Code: 8000000) But I am not allowed to contact CF support as I have a free account, any suggestions?...

500 Error on SvelteKit Serverside Fetch

I'm getting 500 errors after deploying on Cloudflare Pages on this url I'm doing a serverside fetch on this specific route to an external cms in +page.server.js. Running in local development with "npx wrangler pages dev .svelte-kit/cloudflare" / Wrangler version 3.65.1 I get the data back from the cms, only after deployed on Cloudflare Pages I'm running into this problem and can't figure it out, since it doesn't give me any clue about the underlying problem. Can you point me in a direction? Or provide me with a log of the error? Help is much appreciated, thank you! Account-ID: b75254f92df9dcd4e01ce11d2ac0fec7 Deployment-ID: 60c4ac8e-da5e-4598-b53b-c075e81f9178...

Error monitoring tool that works with Pages

Hey, the lack of persistent logging in Cloudflare Pages, along with its incompatibility with LogPush, makes it practically unusable for production apps. I can't find an error monitoring tool that integrates well with both Pages and the meta-framework I use, Remix. Is there any recommendation from Cloudflare on how to handle this?

Custom NPM Registry

I cannot deploy to pages because on of my pacakages is not on npmjs's registery, rather a custom URL to a hosted Registry. This Registry does not have auth and I know it's url. How do I tell pages to use this for the package I need to install from there? I've tried: - Reading the docs to no avail (confusing on what you even need to do)...

New to this, how to remove a static page i uploaded?

Hello I have a small site around 16MB, its mostly HTML5 static pages, i uploaded it as a zip and it works fine, how do i see the files or remove some of them i don't need? I don't seem to be able to do that. I see the files under assets uploaded

caches not found for next on pages

I'm following the cache guide to implement caching with NextJS, however I'm getting caches is not defined inside my route handler. What's the correct way to access the cache API in Next? And is this expected to work locally? ``` // Cloudflare caching const cache = caches.default...

Preview deployments under sub-domains

Hey folks! I created a sub-domain for my preview deployment instead of using domains and followed this: It now works, but as I use zero trust I got this error after entering my email to get the zero trust code. Any hint on what's going on?...
No description

Build domains vs branch domain

I just had a quick question/confirmation I hope you'd be able to be able to help with. When deploying our pages applications to a preview branch, we receive a URL like, where the prefix is a sort of has provided by cloudflare. What I've noticed is that these prefix's seem to be interchangeable with the branch name that was passed in. for example if i have a branch of "mybranch" everytime I deploy to this branch, i can access that preview via "". Am I correct in this and is it trustworthy to use that or for some reason and should not use these and only use the build hash that has been given to me via the build (abc123)? as im not sure this is documented much so wasnt sure if you'd recommend using the hash instead of the branch....

NextJS + Clerk Core 2 - 500s with Middleware

Cross-posting from the Clerk discord: Minimal reproduction here: Hi all, just wanted to cross-post this issue here since it is unclear whether the underlying issue is in Clerks libs or some incompatibility with the Workers runtime. ...
No description

next/og + Image Transformations - Unsupported image type: unknown

``` export const runtime = 'edge' import { ImageResponse } from 'next/og' import { Inter } from 'next/font/google' ...

dep problems sveltekit cloudflare-adapter when building

I can't build because of adapter-cloudflare's deps being wrong node modules? but the error must come from the adapter.... When I run build, it spits out many errors like: ``` ✘ [ERROR] Could not resolve "url"...

remove page action check from github commit

to remove that V or X simbol depending if the deployment was successfull or not, is there a way to do it instead of using git reset?
No description

I want to configure cloudflare tunnel, but something went wrong

I configured cloudflare tunnel with config.yml on my local web server placed, but when I accessed to public domain in web browser, I encountered CNAME Cross-User Banned. I have only one cloudflare account so I didn't understand what is going on

Failed to delete a Pages instance

An unknown error occured. Contact your account team or Cloudflare support: (Code: 8000000) I've disconnected all bindings, both production and preview, including r2, d1, etc....

Image Transforms on pages

I have a pages project with an image transform endpoint. As far as I can tell, I can't use Cloudflare's image transform features because the pages function isn't running in the same zone as my website's zone. I assume this is because Custom Domains in Pages are really just DNS record aliases - it's not moving the function to run in the Cloudflare zone where Images is enabled. For presumably the same reasons, wrangler.toml's routes option doesn't work either (Configuration file for Pages projects does not support "routes"). I still want to have an entire website running, but I want 1 API endpoint which optimises images dynamically. ...

Cloudflare Pages API Creation Project E 8000011

curl -X POST ‘$ACCOUNT_ID/pages/projects’ -H ‘Authorization: $API_TOKEN’ -H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ -d ‘{ “name”: “pages-project”,...

An unknown error occured. Contact your account team or Cloudflare support:

Background I made changes to my Next.js project. I found out which lines cause the script to throw an error, but I don't understand why. So, I am blind trying to navigate on an unknown path. My deployment command is:
pnpm next-on-pages && pnpm wrangler pages deploy
pnpm next-on-pages && pnpm wrangler pages deploy