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Agent concept - Black Panther
Black Panther Role: no clue After slipping through a multiversal rift in the Sanctum Sanctorum, T'Challa found himself on Omega Earth. He joined the VALORANT Protocol after attracting the VALORANT team. Black Panther strikes with silence before the enemies even know what hit them. Q Ability Vibrainium Dagger Creds 250 charges 1 Equip a heatseeking dagger vibrainium dagger. Fire to send it at the nearest enemy dealing 30 damage. Alt fire to send it at the enemy with the least health. The dagger can not kill and will put enemies a 1 HP if they are at 30 HP or below. C Ability Raw vibrainum Instantly consume raw vibrainum that heals 40 HP but you tick 2 damage per sec after your next kill and lose 5 HP after kills. E/Signature Ability Silent Steps For 10 seconds your steps are completely silent. Refreshes after two kills. Ultimate Kinetic Charge 8 points Intantly gain 100 HP for 20 seconds. All damage you take in that time period is absorbed and explodes in a blast with a blast radius of 30 meters. If no damage is absorbed 30 damage will be dealt. Voicelines for ultimate: Team: Wakanda Forever! Enemy: Put them down!
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Agent concept - Aegis
Hailing from the UK, Aegis learned from the victorian ladies to pull out the umbrella. After getting struck by lightning and surviving. Aegis joined the VALORANT protocol and takes down her enemies before they even know what happened. Passive ability Dropdown When you drop from high surface you take no fall damage. Q Ability Protective Umbrella Creds 200 charges 1 Instantly put up an umbrella that blocks 100 damage, If you pull out a weapon you cant equip it again. C Ability Sunshade Sharpshot. Creds 200 charges 1 Equip a Umbrella Sniper. Fire to shoot a bullet that deals 40 damage. After you shoot the umbrella unfolds shielding 20 damage. E/Signature Ability Quickdraw Recharges every 30 seconds Instantly swing an umbrella dealing 25 damage. Ultimate Shaolin through-clouds 9 points Instantly slam a purple umbrella into the ground causing a shockwave stunning, concussing and dealing 50 damage.
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Fade seize
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