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Created by Janic on 3/6/2024 in #questions
Auth.js (v5) with Docker?
Did anyone successfully implement the latest Auth.js version in production with Docker? I have tried to upgrade to the beta version with the Drizzle Adapter, but when using any provider to sign in it basically redirects to the Docker internal host which is I don't know if this is some kind of issue with Auth.js itself or Next.JS. So basically setting the NEXTAUTH_URL and/or AUTH_URL environment variable to the production url at least sets the correct redirect url on the provider page, but after a successful sign in you still get redirected to Maybe I am missing some kind of variable? I found this related discussion on GH, but without any real solution: https://github.com/nextauthjs/next-auth/discussions/8449 If you have any suggestions or managed to solve this, please let me know 🙏
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