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Created by KuJoe on 6/4/2024 in #tech-help
Microsoft Edge font looks bad on new install.
Edge screenshot from existing Windows 10 VM
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Created by KuJoe on 9/4/2023 in #tech-help
App for setting fan curve based on specific temp sensor?
I am trying to set the fan curve for a specific fan based on the temperature of a specific sensor. My motherboard app (ASRock A-Tuning) lets me set a fan curve for all of the fan headers on the motherboard but they can only be set based on CPU temp (CPUTIN) or Motherboard temp (SYSTIN). I am trying to get one of my fan headers (AUXFANIN0) to set the speed based on my GPU (NVIDIA Tesla P40) temp. I've seen articles for people doing this in Linux, but nothing for Windows 10. Any ideas?
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Created by KuJoe on 4/14/2023 in #tech-help
Anybody use a 6-pin to 8-pin adapter for a GPU?
I'm shopping around for a PSU for my new Intel Arc A380 and none of the FlexATX PSUs in my budget have an 8-pin power cable for PCIe (GPU), a few have a 6-pin power cable though and the A380 only uses 75W of power so in theory a 6-pin should be enough right? I've found some 6 to 8 pin adapters on Amazon which might solve my problem. Any issues I might be missing here?
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