DHDistant Horizons
Created by WhySoSerious1945 on 7/10/2024 in #help-me
DH no longer working, specific line keeps showing up in logs
I have a specific line showing up over and lover again int eh logs. [Render thread/ERROR]: Unable to convert config value [{}] from [class java.lang.String] to [class java.util.HashMap] for config [mapTest], the default config value will be used instead [{}]. Make sure a converter is defined in [ConfigTypeConverters]. Worked fine all week, woke up this morning and updated two mods. Game did not launch so I downgraded them immediately. Suddenly lost LODs. Checked world folders, deleted config at least five times, uninstalled, new worlds, the whole shebang. Either can't find someone else with this issue or didn't look hard enough. Singleplayer, 16GB memory used, close to 260 mods.
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