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Error: "Incompatible mods found!"

- DistantHorizons 2.1.0-a-1.20.6-noForge - indium-1.0.31+mc1.20.4 - sodium-fabric-0.5.9+mc1.20.6...
Downgrade to Iris 1.7.0
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DH not working with Sodium, Iris, and Indium (1.20.1)

Initially, the problem was that DH kept crashing with Sodium enabled. FAQ says "install Indium", so I did. See the attached image for what happened afterwards. I cannot find any versions for all 3 mods that are compatible with each other....
And Iris to 1.7.0
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Game crashed cause DH needs indium in order to run with sodium

so my game crashed cause DH needs indium in order to run with sodium but there are no 1.21 Indium versions out yet
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shader mods 1.21

i cant use sodium without indium, but indium for 1.21 isnt out yet, and i cant get rid of sodium bc iris requires it
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Fog on distant horizons

instead of having the chunks rendered by distant horizons just end suddenly is there a way to have them fade out or have fog covering the chunk edges, i feel this would look better than the sudden cut off.

Tree LODs generating without side leaves

I didn't change anything, they just started generating like this.
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Not able to launch the mod

i downloaded distant horizons 2.1.0 1.20.4 and when i double click it does nothing what do i do?

I can't get it to load chunks on my 1.20.1 forge server.

I'm trying to use this on a server, it will not work. I'm not sure what's inhibiting it from working, but I still would like to find a solution for the problem as I want to use the mod. I don't have Distant horizons on the server and I'm using the newest public build. These are the client sided mods I'm running:...

Super slow loading

Hi everyone, i've been trying to play a bit of modded recently and tought i'd start with distant horizons since it would certainly be causing the most problems early and make it work before adding other mods down the line. I'm using modrinth and have been trying the mod on every recent versions (1.19 and more) both fully alone and with other mods (sodium, iris,chuncky...) and tried many tricks found in both the FAQ and internet, no results. I've tried reinstalling everything, tweaking the mod an...



Tiling LOD textures

Having an issue with things like desert biomes drawing LODs that look like this. Once I actually go over them myself, it will typically understand what it's supposed to be and correct the draw from there. Is this a DH thing, or is this a RTF thing?
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transferred LOD's from singleplayer to Multiplayer playit.gg server not showing up?

forge 1.20.1, prism launcher, playlit.gg server I've pregenned a 5k block radius with chunky in the multiplayer server and a fair amount of LOD's (1024 chunks, aggressive) in a singleplayer instance of the server using the same seed that I opened using prism launcher. I found the sqlite database that holds the LOD's in the singleplayer instance and moved it to the corresponding Distant_Horizons_server_data/server_name multiplayer folder but when I join the server I can't see any of the pregenned LOD's, do I need to install distant horizons on the server too or is something else going wrong?...

DH is not working on my 1.20.1 Forge Server

Hello, I am having trouble getting Distant Horizons to work on my server, forge-1.20.1-47.3.0. It will not generate new chunks. However when I load the mod in single player, everything works fine. I have set the ip and port for the server and the mod set in config. I have tried running everything on the same port and 2 different ports, but nothing seamed to change. Any help you all could give me would be welcomed. Thank you for reading this and have a great day.

How long will DH chunk migration to the new version take?

I have a surival world that I recently updated DH to the newest version, and it is saying migration will take a while. I have explored thousands of chunks, how long do you think it'll take to migrate all the chunks back? Currently I am only seeing very distant chunks, but usually I can see for hundreds of thousands of chunks.
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Brighter Fake Chunks

I'm was using Bliss shaders in 1.20.1 fabric and while flying around i realized some sections in the of green in the chunks rendered by DH are very bright. I know there's an option in the DH menu to change the fake chunk brightness, but it looks weird cuz it causes some colors in the fake chunks to not match with the ones in normal chunks lol. Anybody has an idea of what's going on?...
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Fabric 1.20.4 will not launch

I'm running the most up-to-date version of Fabulously Optimized 1.20.4 along with Distant Horizons. I've tried every imaginable combination of removing mods to test incompatibility, but the only thing that prevents the game from freezing on the initial progress bar is removing DH itself. I've also tried removing the config file (including the YOSBR backup), deleting the resource pack I was using, removing the shader folder, and even trying to use QFAPI instead of FAPI. Nothing works. This issue has been present through several DH beta versions and several FabOpt releases 2019 Intel Macbook Pro 16GB RAM Sonoma 14.5...

Sodium versions can't be matched

Hi there, I hope I'm just missing something. I'm trying to get this mod and Iris working on 1.20.1 due to other mod I need to work (Create). Iris requires Sodium 0.5.10 while Indium, which is required by DH requires Sodium 0.5.8. Is there any way to get this working or is 1.20.1 just out of the question. I had it running on 1.20.4 but then the Create mod wouldn't work. Thanks!
Use Iris 1.7


i was finishing generating all the lods before and i get hit with this did i not wait long enough or
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Wont load all the chunks

i preloaded the world with chunky and have my lod render distance to 800 but it wont render past that
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is there a way to force shader support?

DH worked fine with sildurs in 1.20, but now says it isnt supported in the 1.21 version. Is there a way to force it to render LOD chunks?