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I actually don´t understand at all how to setup the server side fork

I don´t understand the explanation, I need help with it. Btw I am using G-Portal (Hosting Site) so the port is the 33065 for me.

LODs rendering doesn't work after restarting the game

At first it worked as expected, but after restarting the game it stopped working with the same mod list. I tweaked some DH's settings before such as render quality and distance and everything was ok until I closed the game. I tried to delete a DH's config file and then a whole config folder but nothing changed. F3 debug screen says rendering is inactive. I doubt there are some actual incompatibilities cause It worked before with the same mods. I'm also using Sinytra Connector to load some fabric mods, but as I said before everything worked fine Current mod list: aether-1.20.1-1.3.1-neoforge.jar alternate_current-mc1.20-1.7.0.jar...
I don't know how reliable it is to run unstable DH dev build with unstable connector (big brain moment tho :bigbrain:), but at first glance everything works well
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error in generating

I installed Distance Horizon, but I am facing an in-game error and my world is not fully rendered.
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whats the best ram size for DH ?

I have noticed that it is a bit more RAM hungry, so how much RAM is a good idea to set for this mod? Because I know allocating too much RAM is also not good, so what are your suggestions?
6gb for 256 8gb for 384 10gb for 512...
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Is it supposed to look like this or am i doing something wrong?

I have complementary shaders unbound on medium aswell as physics mod and fresh animations resource packs and distant horizons ofc, my render distance on 16 chuncks do i need to make it higher or something?
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SBSkinny Bones4/12/2024

nightly build 1.20.4. Chunks don't load.

DH option menu is there and im not using any shaders Fabric version is 1.20.4 too, lmk what info you need there weren't any errors.
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Stops loading at 100% when booting modpack

attached video of all my mods because i don't know how to get it written down there is no crash log since it doesn't crash it just freezes on shown screen...
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Mac has a hard crash on world load

Currently have Fabric loading sodium, DH, and Indium. All for 1.20.4. Minecraft boots to menu, however upon loading a single player world one frame is shown, then minecraft crashes to desktop. log below, most interesting part seemed to be: "UNSUPPORTED (log once): gldCopyBufferSubData: NEEDS IMPLEMENTATION"...

Weird Chunks in distance

i can't find anyone talking about this, when i get near some turn normal and some don't. Mods: Architectury API AttributeFix...
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Crash for 1.20.1 fabric singleplayer

I was using chunky to preload chunks and the world stopped ticking. I don't know why this happened. In chat it gave me errors but those should also be in the log file. Everything else you need is in the log file. https://mclo.gs/d9djeU4 (Yes, I did do the c2me thing for compatibility)...

Is DH Available On 1.20.2

Hi modrinth says DH is available on 1.20.2 but i tried it and it doesn't seems to work. And from downloading it from the Iris Installer from the main website, it wont allow me to select 1.20.2 with Distant Horizons...

low rendering distance

My LOD Render Distance Radius in on 1280 but only this show up, did i do smt wrong
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mod does not load

i am on 1.18.2 Forge with no mods installed except distant horizons. i tried it with optifine as well and still get this same error message when starting minecraft.
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How Do I Make Chunks Load In Faster?

I put my CPU load on aggressive and chunks still load slow. I’ve tried Chunky, but it doesn’t work and it crashes while it generates chunks. Mods I am using:...

Distant horizon mod doesnt work on server

Mods in server are: -DistantHorizons-fabric-2.0.2-a-dev-1.20.1 -indium-1.0.30+mc1.20.4 -sodium-extra-0.5.4+mc1.20.1-build.115...
after deleting it, it fixed
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I installed DH2 for my 1.20.4 world, but it says incompatible (I put the API and didnt work)

It appears in the chat a message like "Youre using a incompatible version of distant horizons" and something about dragons

DH settings change without my input

DH Automatically changes my quality setting from High to Minimum or Custom every time I return to the settings menu. Is this intended behaviour? I'm in SP with several mods, the problem persisted with only DH enabled however. Pictures were taken back to back, all I did was close and then reopen DH settings....
expected behavior when using shaders
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Sky buggin

idk how to explain this tbh

Is Bobby compatible with Distant Horizons?

Is Bobby compatible with Distant Horizons while playing multiplayer? Do they both achieve the same goal? Would installing Bobby conflict with Distant Horizons and crash the game? I would appreciate any answers or patches. Here's the Modrinth project page for Bobby: https://modrinth.com/mod/bobby Here's the mod list below if needed: ``` Concurrent Chunk Management Engine [0.2.0+alpha.11.5]...

Low CPU usage, but high CPU temps

Hi, Im getting low CPU usage (like 15-20%) but high temps (83C) on my Ryzen 5900X. -Minecraft Launcher 1.20.4 using Iris Fabric + Sodium Indium with 8G RAM (32 in system) and RTX 2080. -360 AIO that cools very good almost any other game, Its just the first time I see more than 80C when CPU usage is that low, all 9 fans go 1800RPM. -When I turn off the DH mod it goes back to 60C Thank you so much for the help!...
You can change the thread settings to maybe not use all 12 cores. 10 is probably pretty good, and leaves 2 cores to do things like consistently render the game.