Created by Elbinho on 6/29/2024 in #💬・get-help
Integration for Adguard Home (as a Home Assistant OS Plugin)
Hi I'm getting started with Homarr at the moment, and for the most part everything seems really nice. I'm having issues getting the Adguard Integration to work though. The problem is that my construction here seems to be a bit unique. I have two devices running here, my main server which is an Unraid machine where most of my apps run as Docker, including now Homarr. I also have a smaller low-energy machine which handles the absolute basics, which is Home Assistant and Adguard as a Home Assistant OS Addon. That way, I can take my main server offline when I don't need it without losing my DNS service and half of my household not working 🙂 I'm not sure if I can integrate the Adguard Addon into Homarr, as it is running on the same adress as Home Assistant, and the authentication also gets somehow handled by Home Assistant so I don't have a seperate username/password pair for Adguard. Maybe this isn't quite the right place to ask, and some Home Assistant OS guys would know more about how the Addons get handled internally, but maybe someone here already fiddled with Home Assistant OS in a similar way
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