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Created by Herdie on 4/25/2024 in #general-help
502 error with some and not others
Hi all, first of all, I'm a beginner, but I've been doing a lot of reading and this is my last ditch effort before diving into a long, probably weeks of study to figure out what I could be doing wrong. So I have an UNRAID server and installed a Rick Roll docker, PDF editor, Nextcloud and Jellyfin. And I'd like to access them remotely rather than only on my local network. So I set things up with cloudflare and Nginx proxy manager. I setup an A type with my server domain and CNAME's that have "names" for each of my dockers mentioned. Nginx proxy manager points to the host IP of the dockers. I test "server reachability" in Nginx and they all come back A-okay. I have port forwarding setup on my MSI router so it points to Nginx. So...I can access jellyfin and the PDF editor with the domains names I set up and they work great! But my Rick Roll and Nextcloud domains come up with 502 errors and I can't figure out why.
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