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Mailchannels integration clarification

Hello! I was just looking though the blog post announcing mailchannels integration and saw this line:
The only constraint currently is that the integration only works when the request comes from a Cloudflare IP address. So it won’t work yet when you are developing on your local machine or running a test on your build server.
I was wondering if that meant that mailchannels just checks if the requester's ip is cloudflare's or there is more security behind it (e.g authorization header that cloudflare adds on)...

Load balancer with custom rules and with proximity steering

Is it possible to configure a load balancer to use both proximity steering pools and custom load balancing rules simultaneously? For instance, can the load balancer apply proximity steering unless the host matches a specific pattern, such as “/custom,” in which case it would follow the custom load balancing rules?

How to cache request coming from bots / crawlers?

I tried setting a Page Rule Cache Everything + Edge TTL 1 Month for a specific endpoint. In the logs, I can see bots calling that endpoint but apparently their visit do not trigger Cloudflare to cache the result (a dynamic image). Visiting the image from a browser would then result in a MISS and subsequent requests would be a HIT....

Subdomain not loading webserver

I recently switched my domain's dns nameserver and settings to cloudflare. It activated around an hour ago. Then my website started working with my regular domain. I added a subdomain record which points to my IP which currently has a docker container running. I tested my public ip with the port and sure enough that works. But when I test the subdomain that points to that IP it doesnt. Any ideas?

Already Updated Payment Method, Can't Use It R2 Subscription

12 hours ago my R2 service was suspended, there was a payment problem that I didn't understand, I previously paid accordingly.
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Per subdomain cache TTL

is this possible? i have like files. subdomain where i need cache to be as long as possible and i have normal domain where i want it to be like 4h

Issue with cloudflare access allowing my tcp service to other machines.

Hello! I successfully set up a cloudflare tunnel that goes from my m2 machine to m3 and m4. However i was told to use cloudflare access tokens in order to make everything more secure. The tunnels have been provided the user and key required however as soon as i deploy the application i seem to be getting issues. Jul 23 16:39:58 ZeanoxM4 cloudflared[822]: 2024-07-23T15:39:58Z ERR failed to connect to origin error="websocket: bad handshake" originURL= ...

Deployed IPFS Gateway switches from Pending to Active and after a minute to Error.

I have subscribed to the Basic Plan and created the Gateway with a subdomain and Standard DNSlink settings. What need to get changed that it works? We are looking for an IPFS Gateway for implementing it in our NFT Marketplace for minting NFTs. Is this Service the right solution and will it be available in long-term?...

Would it be against cloudflare TOS to ask someone to stress test my site?

I was wondering since were using cf's resources i didnt wanna cause any more harm. Someone recently ddosed my website with over 2 billion requests accumlated so i was looking to see if my new waf rules could take effect.

CNAME Authentication fails

Hi everyone, I’m having an issue with DNS records in Cloudflare. It's been 48 hours since I updated my DNS records in Cloudflare. I still see it's not reflecting while i am doing DNS lookup. Could anyone provide some guidance on what steps I should take next or if there's something I might be missing? Your help would be greatly appreciated!...

MiniflareCoreError [ERR_RUNTIME_FAILURE]: The Workers runtime failed to start. There is likely addit

```sh ▲ [WARNING] Using Workers AI always accesses your Cloudflare account in order to run AI models, and so will incur usage charges even in local development. ...
No description

R2 + AWS SDK, unable to modify cache control

Hello, I hope you're well! After 1 hour looking through the various documentations, I can't find a viable option. Do you have a particular technique?...
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Node_Modules - Install Dependencies Package.json in CloudFlare Pages

Hi Team, Im new using cloudflare pages, i have a project, im using typed.js and uikit css libraries, were installed via NPM, now im trying to deploy, but i cannot get dependencies be installed in cloudflare pages, is because there are in node_modules? how i can get dependencies of package.json be installed? `{ "name": "sanwise", "version": "1.0.0",...

Paid Plan

Does a paid plan only work on one site?

Transferring a domain and using Cloudflare as a Nameserver/Google Workspace Help.

Hey everyone, I have an odd situation where I am taking over a domain from another user and they just gave me admin and changed the contact. I'm looking to migrate the domain to Namecheap (or another registrar) because of terrible(personal experience) Squarespace support. Researching this, I read on reddit of people using Cloudflare as an intermediate Nameserver to keep records up and site functionality live while the transfer goes through. I had a couple of questions about that. Does this appl...

CloudFlare Registrar results in 502

Hi, The CloudFlare registrar (and anything that involves it, like managing domains) is occasionally returning a 502 Bad Gateway error, is this a known issue (and if so, is there any way to resolve it)?...
No description

I am getting this error and i am new to this community.. HELP!!

```> divine-river-ba24@0.0.0 dev
wrangler dev
⛅️ wrangler 3.66.0...

SSL handshake failed 525 (Using CNAME to retrieve content from a published website?)

Hey guys i have a question. I have a website hosted on Vercel: This website has subdomains: is one of them. Each subdomain is branded. Now, i have my domain on cloudflare:, is there a way to easily point to and to work smoothly? requires authentication to navigate, we are using cookies to store the token. How one would go to achieve something like this?...

522 Error after using cloudflare for a while

Hi guys, so i got the 522 error, i wasnt making any changes from server side, when it happened i used elementor, but i dont think that it has something i common. What could be the issue ?