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Created by Gwain on 3/20/2024 in #🙋questions
Stripe Webhook Server in production
Hi! How should set up Open-Saas on to also have my Webhook Server running? Do I need to run another fly machine that is just for the webhook server? Or can I run it in my same Server instance?
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Created by Gwain on 7/19/2023 in #✋|help
Server instance still running after server deletion
This sounds impossible so I'm trying to figure out what's going on. I had a nodejs server running discordjs, and made calls to openAi. After turning off the railway instance I noticed the discord bot was still online AND receiving messages and responding. I thought ok maybe some caching or something going on or a lag with the server shutting down. After a few minutes I decided to be safe and just destroy the server. It's been about 30min and the bot is still running. My local computer is off, so no chance for an accidental local instance running. My .env are never sent to GitHub. Some random person running themselves. Is railway keeping the server instantiated?
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