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Created by Spenteacher on 6/1/2024 in #bazzite-help
Sunshine doesn't stream Steam Big Picture and streams both Monitors.
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Created by Spenteacher on 5/1/2024 in #bazzite-help
NVIDIA Screen Tearing in X11
Hi everyone, I have the latest version of bazzite with 550 Nvidia drivers on X11 for an RTX3070 and I am experiencing a lot of screen tearing on all games, even some have some weird micro stuttering. I have tried enabling and disabling VSync and GSync Compatible but nothing changes that tearing. On Wayland the tearing is less noticeable but the games have strange graphical bugs like horizontal black lines. I have a dual monitor setup: 1: Main 4k 60Hz GSync Compatible monitor DisplayPort 2: 1080p 75Hz (I have tried changing it to 60Hz, but nothing happend) GSync Compatible (Not enabled due to HDMI ) monitor HDMI
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Created by Spenteacher on 4/25/2024 in #bazzite-help
DaVinci Resolve not opening after installing it with Distrobox
Hi everyone, I have installed DaVinci Resolve using this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCGWALnbCp8 (Nvidia) and set up the distrobox INI-File but when I try to start DaVinci nothing happens. The installation pop up went with no issues. I have tried other programs like emacs and they do work . Thanks
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